How many posts can I start off by saying I absolutely love where I live? Well here is yet another one. I love where I live. Western Washington has just about everything you could want for a setting, mountains, forests, rivers and lakes and ocean beaches. This location is one of my favorites to shoot at. It has a very cool staircase structure that leads down to the beach and a raised bridge over top of the train tracks. I love it.

This family was very fun to work with. Our first attempt at a session had to be rescheduled once but such is life living in the middle of a pandemic. And I should also probably mention that I am very behind in blogging sessions as this one took place in July. Oops. Better late than never, right? We even had a special guest with us for the session that day! Even pokemon need pictures too.

This little kid was absolutely adorable. He tried to play shy at first but I quickly won him over and soon he tried to take over the session. A 5 year old, tried to hijack my session! But he was good at it and had a lot of good ideas so I didn't mind. He decided he was the new posing expert and a lot of the best pictures ended up being ones where he said "Hey let's do this!" or "What if I do this and you take a picture of me?" There was one where he even posed his parents all the way down to how they put their hands and how they positioned their heads. Apparently I have an assistant should I ever need one. Or competition. He's only 5 so I guess time will tell. But we had fun. A gorgeous setting on a summer day, 5 year old up and coming posing expert, Pikachu, it was a good day. We even had an old boat that got caught on the beach when the tide went out to add to the perfect backdrop. I love where I live and I cannot wait to shoot at this location again.