Here in the Pacific Northwest we are so blessed to have the option of so many Christmas Tree Farms to get the perfect tree from. Tree Farm sessions are a big deal here, many photographers hold sessions there as families look to have pictures done for christmas cards. They are always some of the most popular and sought after sessions out of the entire year.

There is so much that goes into Christmas sessions. The location has to be perfect, the set has to be just right and Christmas card worthy. I was lucky enough to have a friend that does wood working that custom built my amazing santa sleigh for me. It was a huge hit and all the kids loved it!

I put so much time and effort into the set this year. I painted the sleigh and put the garland around the top. I made the Santa Mail box, every detail thought about and planned out for weeks. Western Washington likes to throw a wrench in everything though and day of sessions, the single day out of the whole year that I offer Christmas sessions, true western Washington fashion it is pouring down rain. Like torrential monsoon pouring rain. My clients were all so amazing though and every one of them were good sports about it and we got pictures done anyways. I looked like a drowned rat by the end of the day but hey the pictures are amazing! I even made my husband drag my own kids out in the rain ao I could get good pictures of them as well. They were thrilled, let me tell you.

So here you go. Despite the cold and pouring rain, despite the hastily bought and tactfully positioned pop up canopy so that it wouldn't be obvious in the pictures, despite having to clean everything I brought out there, it was all worth it. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from a tree farm in Granite Falls, Washington! Enjoy!